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In this webpage you will find information about myself, my research in Astronomy and more. I am currently looking for a postdoc position to start in 2024. Feel free to contact me!

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A brief summary of my academic experience


1-year internship at University of Washington (Doctorate)

Supervisor: prof. Željko Ivezić

2022 – Present Seattle, US

Doctorate program in Astronomy at Universidade de São Paulo

Supervisor: prof. Claudia Mendes de Oliveira (IAG-USP)

2018 – Present São Paulo, BR

Thesis title: “Classification and redshift estimation of new quasars in photometric surveys, using S-PLUS as study case”

Our object classifier is the current primary source to photometrically select stars, quasars or galaxies in S-PLUS DR2, DR3, and DR4. During these years, I had experience with querying, cross-matching and/or analyzing data from S-PLUS, SDSS, WISE, GAIA, GALEX, GAMA, and ALHAMBRA surveys. I have been working on this project since my first year of undergraduate in Astronomy (2014), being supervised by Prof. Nina T. S. Hirata from the Computer Science department of IME-USP at that time.


Proposal’s awarded observing time (PI)

2018 – 2018

With the goal of doing spectroscopic follow-up of quasar candidates, we were awarded:

  • 8 hours of observing time with SOAR telescope using Goodman spectrograph
  • 20 hours of observing time with GEMINI telescope using GMOS-S spectrograph

Undergraduate projects (Statistics)

2013 – 2013

During my final year, I worked on two projects coordinated by researchers in Medicine and in Archeology:

  • Analyses of the risk factors for mortality of patients after liver transplant
  • Classification of excavated stones from the archaeological site of Boqueirão da Pedra Furada: natural breakage or human-modified?


Courses and workshops

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

See certificate

Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization

See certificate

First School on Data Science and Machine Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning in Astronomy

Design and Evaluation of Extension Programs


  • Rua do Matao 1226, Butanta, São Paulo (SP), Brazil, 05508-090. Office E-310.
  • Feel free to send me a message anytime!